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The registration of legal entity is required to start any business. There are many forms of legal entities in India. The registration of these entities requires the understanding of the relevant laws applicable to the forms of legal entities. There are entities registered under the Company law, Partnership Act, Banking Regulations, Trusts and Societies Act, Cooperative Societies Act and son. 

The first step to become legal entity is to registered under the relevant Act. Then the other registration under Tax laws, Labour laws, Environment clearances, Chit Fund Act,  Reserve Bank of India Act, FEMA regulations, Food and Health Departments licenses and so on will follow.

There will be certain documents to register under the various laws. The common documents are KYC documents of promoter or owner of the entities, documents under which the entities formed like Memorandum and Articles in the case of Companies, Trust Deed and By Laws in the case of non-profit organisations, Partnership Deed in the case of Partnership and son. Further lease or rental agreement of the business premises, photographs of the promoter or owner of the organisation. There will be prescribed application forms and procedures to get the registration and also to get the required license and permissions.

Cyber Records providing services all the type of registrations and licenses as referred above. We have team to assist the client to obtain the registration applicable to the entities at reasonable cost.