Cyber Records


Human resource management is one of the core functions of Management of an Organisation. There are many areas of Human Resource Management like recruitment, training, placement, payroll, labour laws, safety and so on. We are into the services of processing the payroll and handling labour related laws including employees provident funds and Employees State Insurance Laws. We use efficient software to process the payroll and filings under EPF and ESI Act. 

Payroll management is a critical area of the business organisation. The main aspects of payroll processing, ESI and PF management is question of accuracy. The payment of salaries and wages to employees demands hundred percent accuracy. Cyber records with help of software, provided by SAG Infotech Private Limited, is able to provide the accurate payroll figure so as to meet the demands of business organisation as well as statutory requirements.

The payment of salaries and wages need to consider the many factors such laws of minimum wages, overtime wages, deductions on account of salary advances, deductions for ESI and EPF dues, Tax deductions at source under Income Tax Laws and so on.

Cyber Records got into the quality services in the are a payroll management. We provide accurate payroll management with hundred percent compliance under the ESI, EPF and Professional Tax Laws.