Cyber Records


The money is required not only at the stage of initial investments in business and also for smooth running of the business. The money may be sourced out own source either out of own savings or out of surplus created over period of time or by way of loans from Banks and Financial Institutions.

Borrowings are integral part of business undertakings. The borrowings are made from the point of project stage to fully operational stage. That means the borrowings are essential part of activity of the business. Further, the borrowings are not only limited to business houses but also for personal needs of the individuals.

When we stand on the business borrowings there are many means to obtain loans. All loans carry cost of borrowings. One should understand that the cost of borrowings should not exceed the return on investments in business.

Cyber Records has another line of service of organizing the loans from banks and financial institutions for various needs of the business and personal finance. We assist the clients in obtaining the home loans, mortgage loans, business loans, project loans, personal loans from various financial institutions and banks. We have tied up the banks and financial institutions to arrange the loans to suit the needs of the clients.