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There are different categories of trading in stock market.

1. The delivery based trading in stocks. This is long term investment plan of investors to hold stock long to medium term. Many people make money on this way of investments. Investors make the investments hold it for long and gain money on the upward movements in stocks. In this case selection of stocks is more important. The steady growth companies stocks need to be selected for this purpose. This mode of investments is more advisable for the persons who wanted to park the money other than in bank deposits.

2. Intra-day trading in securities. The trading in stock can be made on daily basis with margin amount in the trading account. The open positions need to be closed by closing hours of the stock market. This trading is moderately risky. But we need to select the stock with events, news about the company, results, orders, major expansion, etc,. The trading can be made by buy and sell or sell and buy. Positive news about the company need to be utilized by buying stock and sell it and negative news about the company need to be utilized by selling and buying the stock.

3. There is trading called "futures”. The futures can be on individual stocks or as segment like banking stock - bank nifty futures, Nifty Futures, etc.  For example we can buy or sell the futures of State Bank of India Futures or Bank Nifty Futures. This type of trading has high risk and high returns. These futures has time period of one month - expires of last Thursday of the month. 

4. There is another category of trading in stock market, that options trading. There are two options - call and put options. These options can be on the stock or on the segment of stocks. For example options can be on Infosys stock or Bank Nifty Options. The call options need to be exercised when there is up word movements in stock or segment and put options need to be exercised when there is down word movements in stocks or segments. The bank nifty options are weekly basis. That means the expiry date is on every Thursday.  But other stocks options like nifty options are expiring monthly basis, which expires on last Thursday of the month. This type of trading is very high risk and very high return potential. 

5. There is another method to investment in stock market. That is investments in mutual funds. The mutual funds are managed by the Mutual Fund Company. They take the investments from the public and pool up the funds and invest in growth fund, debt fund and balanced funds. The categories of the funds are decided by the investors and the fund managed by the Mutual Fund Companies. This is type of investments has low risk and high diversity of funds invested. This is advisable for the people who wanted to save money for long period of time and who does not have much knowledge of the market.

The company is licensed as sub-broker to Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd (MOSL). We provide services to customers on their investment decisions to maximize profit with lowest risk. We also provide stock trading and opening of DEMAT Account. We are associated with well-known brand Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd (MOSL) to undertake the services in the area of Stock Trading and Investments. We trade in equities, futures and options, currencies and commodity markets. The whole theme of this services to meet the requirements of customers to maximize the return on investments with lesser risk.

We provide training to customers for day to day trading in stock market in their own. This will enable the customers to undertake the market and to gradually build capacity trade in stock market by using their personal computers. This reduces the dependency on the stock brokers to trade in securities market and also to protect the investments.

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