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Digital Signature (DSC)

Company is Registration Authority. We sell the Class 2, Class 3 and DGFT Digital Signatures of eMudhra, (n)code solutions, Sify(SafeScrypt) and other providers of Digital Signatures. These Digital Signatures are required for electronic governance compliances.

Class 2 Digital Signature are issued to Individual / Organization / Charted Accountants / Company Secretary for various purposes.

Class 3 Digital Signature are issued to Individual / Organization for Various purposes. In Class 3 Digital Signatures we have two types of Certificates:

  • Signing Only
  • Signing and Encryption Both

DGFT Digital Signature are used only by Importers and Exporters community. This is compulsory for Importers / Exporters, who wants to apply for DEPB / DES / EFT etc

Stock Broking and Investment Services

The company licensed as sub-broker to Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd (MOSL). We provide services to customers on their investment decisions to maximize profit with lowest risk. We also provide stock trading and opening of DEMAT Account. We are associated with well-known branch Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd (MOSL) to undertake the services in the area of Stock Trading and Investments.

Management Services :

  • Accounting: We provide customized services for keeping the books of accounts in computerized form.
  • Taxation and Commercial Tax Laws: We provide consultancy services in the area of Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax, Service Tax, and Value added Tax, Professional Tax, Central Excise and Customs Laws, FEMA and RBI Laws, Company Laws, ESI and PF Laws.
  • eFiling: We undertake the electronic filing of income tax returns, GST returns, VAT returns, professional tax returns, Service Tax returns, ESI & PF returns and Company ROC returns.
  • Management Consultancy: Preparation of project reports, feasibility studies, financial statements and financial budgets. Investment counseling in respect of securities and other financial instruments. Insurance advisory services. Arrangement of loans from banks and private finance.