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We are Registration Authority Associate for issue of Digital Signature.  Digital Signatures are implemented as par the electronic governance. We supply all the types of digital signatures depending on the requirements of requirements of customers. There are mainly class 2, Class 3 and DGFT Digital Signatures. In India at present the digital signatures are used for filing returns under the Income Tax Act, Goods & Services Act, ESIC and EPF Act, for filing e-tenders, for filing documents under foreign trade regulations, for signing documents and emails and so on. These signatures issued with or without encryption.

How to obtain Digital Signature

We need to submit the required documents to the registration authority. The digital signatures are normally applied by the individual for himself or on behalf of the organisation where he/she is representing. Hence, documenting to get the digital signatures depends on the categories of person applying. We provide here the set of documents required for individual applicants and organisation applicants.

​In the case of Organisation there are three parties involved in the application process. One organisation itself, the person represented by the organisation to give authority to the applicant and the applicant whose name the DSC issued on behalf of the Organisation. In the case of proprietorship organisation the applicant and authorized persons will be same. The digital signatures are issued in the name of applicant who is representing the organisation to use the digital signature. Hence the following documents required to apply for digital signatures in the name of organisation

The documents of organisation are organisation PAN card copy, latest copy of bank statements, incorporation or registration certificate, MOA and AOA in the case of Company, deed of partnership in the case of partnership firm and limited liability partnerships and in other case the copy of by-laws, last year income tax returns with audited financials, if audited financials are not available then required affidavit with reasons in the prescribed format, organisation business registration certificate like GST and other registrations and copy of board resolutions in the case of company. These documents required to be attested by authorized person of the organisation.

The documents of authorized person are Organisation ID proof or letter from the organisation in the prescribed format or latest pay slip.

The documents of applicant are copy PAN card, recent passport size photograph,  aadhar card , Organisation ID proof or letter from the organisation in the prescribed format or latest pay slip

In the case of foreign applicant,  then the copy of passport and if the applicant is outside India - attested copy of VISA and if the applicant is in India- attested copy of resident permit certificate required. These documents need to be Apostilized by native county authority after public notary. Further the duly filled and signed application form by the applicant also need to be Apostilized. Again the address proof of the foreign applicant also need to be Apostilized with notary as above.

Procedures to obtain Digital Signatures

  • Duly filled prescribed application form with photograph signed across and documents as referred above
  • Submission of application online
  • Mobile verification
  • Email email verification
  • Video verification
  • Download the Digital Signature