Cyber Records

Accounting Services

Accounting System is required for any organisation. The effective accounting system enable the enterprise in many ways.

Accounting system will provide the information on the expenses, revenue, assets and liabilities of an enterprises on day to day basis. The system will act as control mechanism on the financial transactions of enterprise. The statutory compliance on taxation and corporate governance cannot be achieved without proper accounting system in place.

The Management of enterprise need to consult professionals on accountancy to set up the effective system to meet the requirements of management. The decision making process requires the financial and cost figures from the effective financial and cost accounting systems. 

Accounting system will help in statutory compliance under various laws. Companies Act requires maintenance of books account under accrual system of accounting. The proper books of accounts need to be maintained to prepare the financial statements to be filed with various statutory bodies. 

Cyber Records has good team of Accountant who are ready to serve the clients to support the decision making process of management as well as for the statutory compliance.

We undertake the outsource of accounting functions of business enterprises and ensures the both management requirements and legal compliance.