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The business process includes accounting, taxation and other legal compliance. Accounting involves recording of financial transactions of enterprises within a established standards of accounting so as to generate desired financial and taxation information. The generated financial information is used to make the effective decisions. The information generated from the accounting system also used to pay the taxes and other tax laws compliance. That means accounting is process of a business which is important as equal to production and marketing system. The good accounting system ensure the accuracy of the data provided for decision making and legal compliance. The business house requires good accounting system before the commencement of the business, during the period of business operation and even after closing of the business also.

Introduction of software technologies to accounting and taxation functions of business enterprise, the system of accounting becomes more technical. There are many software companies developed the accounting software for business houses. Tally software and Quick Books software are important to refer here. These software not only helps us to account for the day to day transactions but also for legal and tax compliance.

Cyber Records provides services on Accounting, Goods and Services Tax Laws, Income Tax Laws, Company Laws and Labour laws including ESI and EPF. Further we are into supply of digital signatures which is used for various digital filings. We have services on investment decisions in stock market.